Penetrate 10000 Schools



In 2019, the Loveworld Teens Ministry penetrated over 5000 secondary/high schools in different nations of the world establishing vibrant TEEVO clubs.

Our Teevo Clubs are interactive groups where Teenagers in Secondary/High Schools have the opportunity for learning, leadership development and career counselling.They are able to develop and sharpen valuable skills to be well rounded, properly groomed and positioned to excel in life. We have a robust activity, meeting and study structure/guide for Teevo clubs.

"The focus is beyond just starting a Teevo club for formality sake. It is about helping the teenagers in the school become excellent all round, with specific emphasis to their academics, personal leadership and spirituality"

In this year 2020 - The Year of Perfection, we are consolidating on the gains of the previous year to move our impact to a minimum of 10000 TEEVO clubs all across the world.

You can be a vital part of this movement.

To get involved, make enquiries or drop a comment, kindly contact us via email on

We look forward to working with you to impact the world starting from where you are.

God bless you


The major aim of the Teens’ Club is to Christianize the schools where such clubs are located. This is to ensure that the gospel of our Lord Jesus will be the bedrock for their academics.

To raise more disciples out of teenagers for Jesus and for our man of God Pastor Chris.

To win more people thereby increasing the membership strength of the churches.


Research the school within your catchment and list out the names of the schools. It is important to have as many schools as possible to ensure you have a good number of approvals.

Do a case study of the different schools. Look at the psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interest and lifestyles) and demographics of the school.

Research for the best mode of approach in your city and country. Be rest assured that the world is ours. Be confident that it is achievable.

Choose a specific date or special time of prayer with some selected leaders. You can have an online meeting. The kings conference app can be used for the prayer meeting. You can also have an onsite meeting.

Identify the need in the various schools in your mission field and meet the need. Outline strategies for penetrating or reaching out to the school.

Options could include:
  • Through ministry materials & Teevo
  • Organize a soul winning outreach
  • Embark on a project in the school of choice. Note that the project can be academic, sportive, health, sanitation. etc.
  • Through one – one / class to class evangelism
  • Send a letter to the secondary school to officially inform the authority about the initiative. (Kindly use the letter sent from the LoveWorld Teens Ministry office as a template).
  • Follow up with the schools to get all necessary approvals and get an approved date, time and venue to be used.
  • Print all necessary materials to launch the initiative in your Teens/Youth church. Have a banner, branded T-shirt and Face Cap. Print an E-card for the fellowship. A sample will be sent to you from the LW Teens Ministry Office.
  • Publicity - Have a specific date where you will invite the teenagers in the school to join the Teevo Club. Kindly work with the school authorities to adopt the best strategies (class by class, assembly ground to talk to the teenagers about the new fellowship, etc.).
  • Start the Fellowship. (A weekly fellowship outline will be sent to the Teens Pastors/ Teevo Club Coordinator from the Teens Ministry Office.
  • After the establishment of the club, put together all necessary information and send to the directorate through the Zonal Teens Coordinator to review the success and get regular update of the Teevo Club. This will aid for guidance and further recommendations. Subsequently, all reports and regular updates on your Teevo Club activities should be sent in.